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"Eternally grateful.
I only wish I'd discovered it sooner"


Kim Mun, Photojournalist

"Wow. Just wow. I don't even know what to say. Wow."


Samantha Nicole, Personal Trainer



free your very best self

Every Person on the Planet Has 
One Thing They'd Like to Break Free From


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You know you’ve got mad talent. The opportunity in front of you is legit.  In fact, the stage is set for you to make the next ten years, the best ten years, of your entire life.


And yet, for whatever reason… you haven’t been able to put it all together to achieve the income and impact you know you are capable of.


Ask yourself, honestly, what is getting in the way?

If you’re beginning to suspect that your own mind is both the source of your problems – and the pathway out of them, you are so close.

Keep going.

Imagine Installing the Skills and Beliefs you Most Desire and Eliminating the Habits and Patterns you Don't

  • Elevate confidence, performance & productivity

  • Dissolve anxiety, worry, stress and fear

  • Up-level E.Q., leadership and relationship skills

  • Improve focus, drive and creative flow

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Thomas hosts clients in his uptown Dallas office, Thursdays and Friday afternoons. He sees people from all over the world, via ZOOM, with zero drop off in effectiveness.  The lucidmynd private client programs are a 3-4 week immersion, include daily field-work, mindfulness exercises, email and text check ins, stretch assignments, customized MP3 and video recordings.

Work one-on-one with Thomas Bell

Select a lucidmynd signature program, or design your own



  • Explore the three dimensions of confidence from the inside out

  • A complete reboot of your esteem, centeredness, and connection

  • Emerge with a newfound authentic power that lasts a lifetime



  • Perfect for artists, musicians, & creative teams

  • Discover the true source of creativity within

  • Open new pathways for collaboration & expression



  • Hack your meditation practice for contentment and bliss

  • Push through stuck points and elevate your mindset

  • Experience a higher level of present moment-awareness



  • Better than couples therapy: align your hearts and minds

  • Open the door for deep connection, passion, radical empathy, self-love, appreciation, acceptance + understanding. 



  • Experiencing a block or slump and need a break through? 

  • What if it’s is all in your head? Let's replace fear with power.

  • Perfect for athletes, executives, or for preparing for a big events.



  • Achieve a goal, remove a roadblock, dissolve a habit

  • Wave a magic wand: what would you like to be different?

  • Generate the habits and mindset of a world champion

Our Immersive Programs Give You the Power to Create Profound and Permanent Change 

lucidmynd doesn’t believe in single “fix me” sessions.

Nor do we aim to keep our clients “on the couch” for months or even years. We don’t read scripts. And we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for every client.

We prefer immersive (3-4 week) programs where the client takes ownership of the problem and is committed to the solution.

We address both conscious thought, lifestyle and behavior and unconscious root problems to create profound and permanent change.

Our aim is to create self-cleaning ovens, not dependents. 
Thus our clients don’t stick around for very long. That’s okay: we sleep well knowing they’re busy making their dreams come true. 
They in turn send us their friends and family members.

Thomas draws on 17 years experience to enter into the world of the person in front of him.

Every session is a unique and exhilarating experience. 
There is a ton of support: home-work, field assignments,  e-mail 
check ins, MP3s and videos to permanently sear the transformation
into the brain, bones and body.

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Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy     NLP     Subconscious Success Coaching
Communication Science     Body Language     Emotional Intelligence
Yoga Philosophy     Mindfulness     Breath Physiology  
Ethical Influence     Transformation     Leadership


Some of Our Favorite Techniques 
The Arrow     Parts Negotiation     Time Machine     Rapid Transformation
Upgrade the Child     Rewind Technique     Swish Technique     Mindscape 
Control Room     Grinder Model     Meditation     Goal Setting
Values Elicitation     Ultimate Success Formula     Instant Rapport
Coherent Breathing     Ribbon Technique     Diaphragmatic Breathing

Select one of our lucidmynd signature programs, or design your own.

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