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profound mental clarity and emotional freedom

Unlock Your Latent Leadership Potential

and Lead Your Team with Clarity



In your quest to become the action hero of your life story, have you ever felt like you’re stepping on your own cape?

You are certainly not alone. In fact, I believe we’re designed to stumble into self-transformation.

“Humans are the only creature on the planet who can deliberately alter their brain through experience and intention.”

Andrew Huberman, Stanford University

Every ten years or so it seems I am faced with a challenge so big, so vital, that it requires me to totally reinvent myself in order to achieve it. 

See if you can relate.

Some Years Back I Found Myself on the Verge of Squandering The Opportunity of a Life Time.

I was a recently promoted to Regional Sales Director for a rapidly growing technology company on the brink of an IPO. This promotion had been my sole obsession for several years. All I had to do now was execute.

But as I adapted into my new city and new role, I found myself buried beneath a mountain of emails; I was chronically busy, yet unable to move the needle or impact results.
Every day was an endless whirl of difficult characters and challenging situations. I wasn’t my best self. I wasn’t even my old average self.

My Ability to Sustain Focus, Make Good Decisions and Effectively Manage My Emotions was Just…Wonky.

  • The constant multi-task between email, devices, applications and messages seemed to fragment my attention and deplete my energy.

  • I would read a page of text and come back blank, meet a new person and instantly forget his name.

  • Interpersonal conflicts would stick to my mind like a piece of Velcro and hijack an entire afternoon.

  • I would occasionally lose my temper and go off on somebody, developing the reputation as a tough boss.

  • The thought of losing my position filled me with dread.

I Had Achieved My Dream, But There Was No Joy.

It wasn’t for lack of trying, either. Like any modern sales manager worth his salt, my shelves were lined with the personal development classics. Off hours, I listened to leadership podcasts and watched inspiring videos. 

I played with supplementation, high intensity training and hot yoga. I even hired, and fired, a coach. Not my style.

Ever Catch Yourself Reliving an Old Argument, Out Loud, Alone?

The final straw: one evening I was doing the dishes when I heard my voice crack. 
“You don’t know who you’re dealing with…I’ll mop the floor with your sorry ass!” 

It shook me. Clearly, my brain was changing. My hard drive had a virus. It seemed the soundtrack to my life had shifted to…all is not well, something bad is going to happen.

The Very Next Week A Series of Unlikely Coincidences Brought Me to the Hardscrabble Plains of Southwest Texas

Ganges-lotus 2.jpg

A place I never thought I’d find myself: a holistic retreat center for stressed-out executives on the brink.

  • 9 days of silence. 

  • No phones, tablets, computers, televisions, or reading material.

  • No sugar, caffeine, meat or alcohol.

  • Squeaky cots, lumpy mattresses, four to a room.

It’s Not Punishment: 

the Yogic Principle of Yama Means to Turn the Attention Inward.

Depriving the mind of external stimulus restores the nervous system, in the same way that fasting for an extended period resets the digestive tract.

We meditate in four two-hour chunks a day and learn about our minds, with restorative nature walks in between.

At least my classmates do. I close my eyes and relive every unpleasant moment of my life in excruciating detail.

They Liken Your Mind to a Bucket of Dirty Water.

Going into silence agitates the sledge on the bottom of the pail. With nothing to do, or to focus on, the mind bathes in negativity, or in my case, resentment, regret and shame.

Because the mind is designed to keep us safe––not happy––fear and reactivity are its natural tendency. 
Stress accumulates in the system and is stored at the cellular level. We carry it around. So virtually anything can be a trigger. This explains the emotional volatility I had been experiencing.


In Time, the Dirt Settles to the Bottom and the Water Clears.

Until then, we white knuckle it and wait.
Think about it this way:
Unresolved events, worries, preoccupations and concerns are like open tabs on your web browser. Open tabs slow processing speed. They reduce your capacity to be present, productive and to experience joy.

Closing tabs restores the mind, and clearing the water frees emotions.

Finally, I felt like I had the awareness I was seeking! But taming my monkey mind was like breaking a wild stallion.

On the sixth day, it happened. My mind surrendered. Then everything shifted. And I didn’t want the silence to ever end. It was glorious.

The Background Music of My Life Went From Death Metal to Adult Contemporary.


Lionel Richie was right. It was Easy Like Sunday Morning. Always had been.

Back on the job, with profound mental clarity and emotional freedom, ideas poured out of me. I was lucid, clear and articulate. I solved problems, made swift decisions, felt competent, poised, humble and centered. 

One of my colleagues commented that it was as if a light bulb had been turned on behind my eyes. I was connecting with people more deeply than ever before.

My words carried weight.

I would receive two more promotions in the next 18 months and triple my annual income.

An odd benefit I never expected: public speaking. Suddenly, I could effectively address a large audience without notes. Something that had always been a big problem for me.

I am the type that is always searching for profound knowledge to share with people, in order to make their lives better. But at the same time, I knew this wasn’t information that could simply be passed on.

Power Point Presentations Do Not Create a Change in Behavior, Powerful Experiences Do.

Spoiler alert: folks I knew weren’t lining up to wear grooves in their gray matter for nine days. There had to be a faster, easier way to help the people I loved master their mind and emotions. I had to innovate.

I was consumed by a desire to duplicate the benefits of a silent meditation retreat, in a business-appropriate environment.

In the months that followed, I created a three-day seminar designed to elevate personal effectiveness by exposing people to their paradigms, mental patterns and beliefs.

Graduates of the course outperformed their sales counterparts 3 to 1 within 90 days. Marketing, customer service, the C-suite, didn’t matter.

Tom Event talk.jpg

Turns Out Learning to Manage Your Mental and Emotional State Is the Most Important Work of All.

I ended up putting the entire organization through it, 40 people at a time. 
Participants lost weight, quit smoking, repaired their marriages and sold our technology products like hotcakes off the Sunday griddle.

The company went public. I traveled the world, learning from the best teachers I could find, combining ancient practices with modern science.  In 2012, I visited India and spent six weeks in silent meditation.

I followed my bliss, to the tune of a Master’s Degree and 11 credited certifications.
Now, 17 years later, that obsession has given me the tools to help people master their own mind and emotions in order to become the very best versions of themselves.

I always enjoyed training groups. But when I began to see clients individually, the results were even more astonishing.

I Helped a 40 Year Pack-a-Day Smoker Quit in a Single Session 


My stop-smoking program still boasts a 90% success rate with a money-back guarantee. 

So, please forget the cluck-like-a-chicken hypnotist you saw at your local comedy club, or the creepy vaudevillian archetype with a swinging pocket watch.

I am referring to peer-reviewed, evidence-based neuroscience backed by 28,000 scientific studies from top research Universities. (message me and I will shoot the summary sheet right over to you)

Generative Hypnosis Was The Missing Link That I’d Been Seeking For A Decade

Hands down, it sits atop the personal development mountain. There is nothing more rapid, through and effective for eliciting change.

And hypnosis is easy-peasy––just four sessions for the comfort of your favorite chair––perfect for busy professionals with a lot on their plate and a lot at stake.
Remember, mental habits and emotional patterns are stored in the unconscious mind. So reading, watching videos or working with a coach or therapist is like shaving only the tops off of the weeds in your garden. 

Hypnosis pulls them out by the roots.

I Knew I Was Only Halfway There.

Because I had tried so much in the past that hadn’t worked for me, I made a promise to myself my solution would follow three golden rules. 

  1. It had to last: the benefits had to be permanent.

  2. It had to be complete in about month. I don’t think it is ethical to keep clients chained to the couch.

  3. It had to empower people: self-cleaning ovens, not dependents.


This is when I discovered the ultimate game changer. 

Self-Directed Neuroplasticity (SDNP) is the ability for an individual to create lasting positive change in their brain, all on their own, with simple exercises and science-based techniques.
These magical little nuggets turned me into an insufferable wind-bag for about a year and a half; I’d share them with about anyone who would listen, to solve stubborn issues like migraines, insomnia and anxiety.

Mental conditioning exercises are like sit-ups for the mind. Ten minutes a day and you’ll have a six-pack in about a month. 

We practice them in the session together, content free. Then the client uses the techniques daily to rewire their brain for success.

The Effects of SDNP Can be Felt Instantly & Every Single Time Without Ever Discussing the Issue

  • Delete unpleasant memories and moods

  • Dissolve a craving, impulse or urge at its core

  • Neutralize negativity, procrastination or overwhelm

  • Elevate focus, concentration and flow


In a few weeks, healthy new neural patterns replace faulty programs. Goals are met. Life satisfaction soars.

Clients feel restored to what they consider their very best selves.
What took me 12 years and several thousand hours to duplicate, package and perfect, I delivered to my clients in about a month.

And from that intention, the Lucidmynd Restoration was born.

The Lucidmynd Restoration is a One-and-Done System Designed to Help Busy Professionals Take Back Control of Their Mind and Their Lives in just 28 Days


  • Discussing personal issues or reliving past experiences

  • Having to invest a lot of time or effort

  • Sketchy stimulants, herbs or prescriptions

  • Wondering if it’s going to work


I’d Love to See How This Process Can Support Your Very Highest Personal and Professional Aspirations

Please feel free to book a call with me now. 

We can answer questions and explore possibilities together. 
If it feels like a good fit, I will invite you to fasten your seatbelt and step into the 28-day Lucidmynd Restoration with me.

If it’s not a good fit at this time, I’ll leave you with an instructional PDF so you can begin to practice the restorations on your own.

Either way, I look forward to supporting you in any way that I can.

Thomas Bell CHP, MA  |  Founder, lucidmynd

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