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what makes lucidmynd so


Generative Hypnosis

Asks the question: what life skills would you like to generate, enhance, improve or master? When the stakes are high and they need rapid results, Professional Athletes, A-List Celebrities or C-Suite Executives commonly hire someone like Tony Robbins or Marisa Peers for an urgent five-figure session.

We’re making it accessible and affordable.

All of the Benefits of Meditation

Minus the boredom and frustration, incense and beads. With a more clearly defined outcome, we believe hypnosis is more appropriate and effective for helping busy professionals achieve goals. The process itself is rejuvenating and revealing, perfect for preparation or clarity around a big event.

We Go to The Core

Seminars, books, videos and talk therapy all deal with the conscious mind. Habits and patterns, fears and limitations are stored in the unconscious. This is the reason why so many people who have read all the books, and know better, still have challenges. Think: pulling weeds out by the roots vs. chopping off the top.


Evoke Change

Trace unwanted patterns, habits and outdated beliefs, fears or limitations back to their source and dissolve them. Most problems exist in the imagination – and can therefore be unimagined.


Access Inner Resources

In trance, we bypass the critical mind. There is no “I can’t” in Alpha. As we  access more empowering mindsets, possibilities, solutions and realizations appear out of the fog.


Overwhelm the Mind with Positivity

Think about what you think about. Turning your Inner Critic into an Inner Cheerleader takes about three weeks and profoundly improves performance, happiness and inner peace.

Thomas bell hypnotherapist

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