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Amplified Human Experience

It’s a state of HYPER-FOCUSED, relaxed awareness, where the internal focus carries more weight than external reality. In this way, being HYPNOTISED is like getting lost in a good book or movie, but the material is your own life story, and everything is possible.   Who wouldn’t enjoy that? 


HYPNOTHERAPY is Supportive and Uplifting

…a collaborative agreement between a willing subject and a trained professional with their best interest in mind.  The receptiveness of the subject, in many ways, determines the success of the session. We work TOGETHER to access unconscious resources like memories, beliefs and misunderstandings, often formed in childhood.

We trace unwelcome habits and ways of thinking back to their source, REWRITE faulty old programs and make changes beneath the surface.  


Under HYPNOSIS You Will Feel Alert and Be Entirely Engaged

You can expect to hear everything that I say to you and you will likely remember as much as you would from any normal conversation. There is a very interesting DISASSOCIATION going on: at times you may feel that you are listening intently and there will likely be times when it feels like your mind has wondered off.

Part of you will be observing the process, saying, that’s kind of interesting, why is that happening? And the other part will be going, WHOA, don’t stop, I really like it here! 


HYPNOSIS Feels a Bit  Different to Everyone

It’s a cognitive process, so how does thinking feel? Most people report feeling relaxed and AWAKE at the same time. Although media representations of hypnosis present a “magic feeling” that comes over you and a loss of control, this is not the case.

In fact, most clients are surprised by how pleasant yet normal the experience feels. After the session, expect to feel rested, rejuvenated and crystal clear about what actions to take next.  


Anyone can be HYPNOTIZED

Provided you are WILLING to be hypnotized.  The only exceptions are
individuals with very low IQ, personality disorder or receiving treatment from a medical doctor.  I will not see a person who is already receiving medication for the condition they wish to treat, including depression or anxiety. 


Your UNCONSCIOUS Mind Knows Best

Consider, as a premise, that everything you’ve ever read, learned, experienced and forgotten is there, along with every interaction and meaningful encounter. Your unconscious mind is also the governing intelligence behind automatic bodily functions like circulation, digestion, and respiration. Getting into relationship and learning to communicate with your unconscious is the single most important life skill of them all. 


HYPNOSIS Is a Naturally Occurring Phenomenon

Most people slip into TRANCE naturally 7-10 a day without even realizing. Whenever you are so immersed in an activity that you forget your surroundings, this can be likened to a state of HYPNOSIS. Kind of like a being totally absorbed in a good book, movie or performance. Time distortion occurs while driving on the open highway, as does amnesia.  


HYPNOTIC Subjects Are In Control and Are Aware

Hypnosis is best described as a state of heightened awareness. You will always know where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing. You will always be in CONTROL and can stop the hypnosis at any time or choose not to answer a particular question. It is impossible to get stuck in hypnosis. If our session is interrupted, getting back in is quick and easy.


HYPNOSIS Can Be Described As Wandering Off of the Critical Faculty

And that’s a really good thing. The critical faculty is the part that keeps you scared and playing small. It’s the home of can’t, irrational fears, self-doubt and self-sabotage. It’s how we get STUCK. Getting out of our own way is a phrase used to describe making internal changes. Commonly, just being in HYPNOSIS is and exploring an area of life is enough to prompt instant clarity, realizations, epiphanies and ah ha moments. 


The EXACTNumber of Sessions Varies

My goal is to provide you with an EFFECTIVE hypnosis treatment in as few sessions as possible. Subjects often experience positive results in a single session. Others take longer. And in some cases, I can’t help you at all. We teach breathing techniques, field work assignments and self-hypnosis so our clients have tools and awareness that they can continue to use. Three 75-minute sessions is generally sufficient. 

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