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"The entire experience was extraordinary."


Mahesh Chandiramani, CPA

"The training paid for itself within 60 days."


Kent Lycka, CEO, NDF



blaze a new trail

What if...
Effectively Managing Your Mind & Emotions is the
Most Important Job of All?

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You know you’ve got an outstanding team. Your people are your organization’s most valuable asset. 

Yet, for whatever reason… you haven’t been able to put it all together to achieve the growth and prosperity you know they’re capable of.

  • Are they able to sustain focus for long periods of time, adapt to changes, and maintain a positive outlook?

  • How do you compete with the litany of social media, text, and email tugging at their pant legs during work hours?

  • What steps are they taking to diffuse stress and anxiety so you can thrive in today’s uncertain landscape?

If you’re beginning to suspect employee wellness comes from nurturing the mind/emotion connection, you are so close.

Imagine Installing the Skills and Mindsets you Most Desire for Your Team &

Eliminating the Habits and Patterns you Don't

  • Elevate focus, performance & productivity

  • Dissolve anxiety, worry, stress and fear

  • Up-level leadership, relationship & team-building skills

  • Improve employee wellness at the level of mind & emotions.



  • Each Program Consists of 4  75-minute sessions

  • Live on ZOOM or at your Business

  • Virtual Lunch and Learns @ 12 Noon

  • For teams of 4 to 40

  • With mindfulness homework, coaching, team-building assignments and customized MP3s, Videos and PDF action guides for maximum retention.

  • Contact us for Pricing

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The Soul of Leadership

  • Explore the three dimensions of leadership from the inside out

  • A complete reboot of your Mission, Centeredness & Connection

  • Emerge with a newfound a power that lasts a lifetime


Irresistible Influence and Ethical Persuasion

  • Hack your sales process for authentic relationships.

  • Crush sales goals by dissolving call reluctance/ fear of rejection

  • Experience a higher level of engagement and enthusiasm.


Mindful Communication

  • Dissolve stress, anxiety, and uneasiness with the breath.

  • Learn to tailor communication to suit a variety of styles.

  • Make better decisions, think and speak with clarity. 


Mission Possible

  • Align your team with a singular mission – they design

  • Enhance relationships with trust, empathy and respect.

  • Open new pathways for communication and collaboration. 


Mind De-Frag, Social Media Detox

  • Learn the recipe for hyper-focus and sustained attention.

  • Open the door for creative flow and elevated productivity.

  • Elevate willpower, intention and intuition


Change Master

  • Experience all is well as a default mental/emotional state.

  • Learn to identify the four pillars of progress.

  • Prepare for big shifts with clarity, optimism and positivity.

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