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meet our founder


“There is a mysterious quality I’ve been chasing all my life.
A  clarity, contentment and deep connection with others that we access in our very best moments. 
My calling is to lead you to this place so you can access it at will.”


Thomas Bell, Founder

Thomas Bell is an award-winning Communications Expert,
with 17 years spent training and coaching individuals and organizations.


He has taught courses and given key notes at the University of Arizona and New York University, consulted for large International Non-Profits and Fortune 500 organizations like Heartland Payment Systems and the Art of Living Foundation.


Emotional Intelligence, Influence, Leadership, Enrollment, Body Language, and Mindfulness are a few of his favorite topics under the broad banner of Communication.

From a self-made millionaire via door-to-door sales, to spending four weeks in silent mediation in India. A Senior Executive with a fortune 500 Company, to a Corporate Hypnotherapist for high-achievers, the common thread is his uncanny ability to enter the world of the person in front of him and draw upon a lifetime of learning to serve their very highest intentions.


His training style is energetic, warm and unconventional. He believes success is something you attract by the person you become, and is thus committed to creating mind-blowing, life-changing experiences his audience, and transformation for his private clients. 


Lucidmynd is his life’s work: the culmination of a 20-year obsession to help people align and integrate their internal & external communication in order become the hero of their own story and live the life of their dreams.

He is happy and humbled to be sharing it with you today.



B.A. English, MFA in Communication, '92/00
University of Iowa,
University of Arizona

Rapid Transformation Therapy/Practitioner
Certified by Marissa Peer

Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis
Certified by Mike Mandell, MMHA

Master Practitioner of Hypnosis Certification
Certified by Jan Marzalek,
NLP Learning Systems

NLP Advanced Practitioner
Certified by Jan Marzalek,
NLP Learning Systems

Transformational (EQ) Trainer
Graduate of Michael Strassner's Phd Program

Baptiste Yoga Teacher 200 Hour
Certified by Angela Wagner, YogaSport

Jacquin Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified by Jacquin Hypnosis Academy

Breath for Therapists
Certified by Jacquin Hypnosis Academy

Certified by Mike Mandell, MMHA


Thomas' Story

Thomas’ story begins at age 27: awkward, outrageously skinny, frustrated and disappointed by life, he answered an employment ad for a door-to-door, cold-call salesman with a start-up tech company in Arizona. He was terrible.

Being an unwelcome guest, trying to generate trust and rapport and value in 30 seconds, was so utterly challenging that it forced a sort of self-transformation.

He glimpsed an invisible, unspoken world hovering beneath the surface of every interaction that sparked something in him.  It’s the stories we tell ourselves, our internal blueprint, patterns and beliefs that shape our connection to the outside world and ultimately determine the quality of our lives...

He devoured knowledge on all-things communication, eventually earning his Master’s Degree, along with six certifications on everything from NLP to Yoga and Meditation; Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Leadership, and finally, Clinical Hypnotherapy, which tied it all together.

The common thread is the mind. His favorite quote is from the Yogi Saint, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

“The most powerful super-computer ever conceived didn’t come with an owner’s manual. You must befriend your mind. It is both the source of your problems, and the pathway out of them.”

And in doing so he discovered why he was put on this earth: to help people effectively integrate their own inner world in order to become the person they need to be to fulfill their personal mission.

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