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core values and beliefs



1. We’re spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. Most of our suffering comes from forgetting life is happening for us, not to us and that every thing is Grace.


2. There are a lot of ways to make money on this planet. A couple of them I am pretty good at. But I’ve discovered that the only way I feel really good when I lay my head on my pillow is by helping people… solve a problem, get unstuck, or glimpse their own magnificence.

3. Hypnosis is the most exhilarating, magical, far-out and freaky thing I have ever experienced. I’d do it for free. I’ll do it for the rest of my life. I want so badly to share it with you.

4.  As an executive coach/ trainer, I used to teach people what to say and do.

Now I’ve discovered if you teach them how to access higher states of consciousness, all that other stuff just happens.

5. Not a fan of personal development or self help because they imply that we need developing or require help. The premise that we are in some way flawed or insufficient is the essence of most of our problems. 

6. What I do is more of a restoration, a return to your original, perfect and pure authentic best self.  Before your survival mind crashed the party.

7. Life is about growth. We weren’t put here to stay the same. Feeling unfulfilled or uninspired is simply a sign you need to stretch your legs.

8. Depression is almost always the result of harsh or overly critical, caustic self-talk. If we spoke to others the way we speak to ourselves, we’d have zero friends.

9. World Champions are just people with a persistent and consistent inner dialogue that says I am the best.

10. We all have an inner story and an outer story to our life: what you are doing, and who you’re becoming. I’ve always been more interested in the hero slaying his inner demons than the hero slaying the dragon.

11. We’re all on a journey towards becoming more whole. There are aspects of ourself that are wounded, lost, confused or alone. Hypnotherapy introduces them to the gang, teaches them to play nice.

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