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Why Centeredness is So Good for Business & Relationships

Adopting enlightened perspectives can revolutionize your entire life.

As you learn not to sweat the small stuff -- and it’s all small stuff -- little upsets come and go without taking you off course, or deterring you from the big picture. You get more accomplished and experience more fun.

Because you are capable of being extremely present with others you have a natural magnetism, which makes you influential, likable and charismatic.

Because you have learned to ignore the Drunk Monkey, you are not bound by irrational fears and negative emotions like jealousy and inferiority. You are capable of logical thinking, and are able to take risks and ride the waves of uncertainty.

Centered people experience extreme empathy: they listen, relate, and connect well with others. People like to be around you. Because you are caring, warm and kind, you are a natural leader, and rise to the top.

Because being mindful carries with it a natural bliss, you don’t have to alter your physiology with artificial stimulants or chemicals designed to make you feel better, or constantly distract yourself with your device, shopping, browsing, texting, tweeting, posting or scrolling.

Because you are fully in the present moment, you are able to sustain focus and concentration for long periods of time and do complete, thorough work.

Other people don’t frustrate you or get under your skin. As you realize the Drunk Monkey creates agitation, irritation and separateness, you begin to appreciate and accept people and situations as they are.

When adversity strikes, you take appropriate, measured action. You don’t freeze up. You don’t make it worse than it is. And you don’t blame others. Centered people are more respons-able.

Because on some level you realize you are infinite and immortal, you don’t take yourself and your life so dang seriously. You are capable of light-heartedness, and self-deprecation while paradoxically, being fully aware of your own magnificent greatness.

Because centered people are fully aware of their own value, you don’t seek approval and validation from others, you don’t step over or manipulate others, and you trade a competitive dynamic for a cooperative one.


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