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The Walk For Atonement

This is a miraculous process to relieve upsets, guilt, and emotional pain. Can be done anywhere as long as each step is deliberate. It can be done re life in general or regarding a specific situation or person.

Expected Result: freedom, free attention, feeling of lightness, joy, energy and optimism.

1. Pick a direction and a general destination. The process is complete when you feel it is complete, not when you arrive.

2. With each step whisper an action you have done or an intention you have had that was motivated by fear or anger.

3. Include any act you are reluctant to express or for which you feel guilt, any act for which you feel a need to explain or justify.

4. Also include any non-actions when you should have acted.

3. Upon Completion/at your destination, contemplate spans of time. (Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months Years) Then turn around and come back, taking deliberate steps.

4. For each step you take on your return, think of someone and whisper the blessing, "May you be happy and well."

4.5 This can be changed to (I am happy and well.) for self criticism Or ( I am grateful for____) for troubles and worries.

5. Release all thoughts and events to the past, and experience the sights, sounds, and sensations of the present moment with appreciation.

Step (Whisper) I lied to my boss about _____

Return Step (whisper) Steve: May you be happy and well.


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