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Introducing the Drunk Monkey

The Drunk Monkey is the Mouthpiece of your Survival Mind

In the east, the Dunk Monkey is referred to as the ego. In simple terms, it’s the incessant chattering in your head, the negative, nagging, worrying, fretting, voice that keeps you fearful, ill-at-ease, down on yourself and playing small in life.

The Drunk Monkey has a positive intention: he’s trying to keep you safe. An evolutionary quirk from when life on this planet was dangerous and survival was a daily obsession. (i.e. saber tooth tigers, etc.) The irony is that most of us are living in a safe environment, and our own Drunk Monkey poses a very real danger to our happiness, prosperity and well-being. An overly active Drunk Monkey will put a massive strain on professional and personal relationships, perpetually at odds with others, competitive, combative and defensive.

The Monkey will rob you of your peace of mind as it bounces from one imaginary concern to the next. Worse yet, it will destroy your confidence, as the Drunk Monkey continues to chip away at your self-esteem, belief and positivity. In my opinion, an active Drunk Monkey is very often true source of depression, ADD, relationship problems and low self-esteem.

A lot of people have gotten so accustomed to their Drunk Monkey they don’t recognize it--like the steady hum of the refrigerator. The intention of this document is to:

A. Learn to tune in and identify/recognize its tendencies when they arrive. B. Learn to ignore the constant chatter vs. acting on its fearful impulses. C. Adopt an alternative enlightened perspective and replace the drunk monkey.

This is what is commonly referred to as Mindfulness. Mindful is to be aware of your Drunk Monkey.

People who have tamed their Drunk Monkeys feel good to be around. They are present, warm, good-natured and fully available. They have replaced the DM with a personal cheerleader, so they have a lot of confidence, are optimistic and positive. They feel good about themselves. And finally, they manifest. Their dreams are coming true. Free from the Monkey Mind influence, the conscious and unconscious minds are integrated and aligned. They make stuff happen -- and are able to enjoy the view when they reach the top.


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